Our Lending Partner

Versatile Lending (Company NMLS # 2107176) was created to ensure every client's unique financial needs are satisfied. We’ve partnered with approximately 180 different wholesale lenders to secure the best possible rates for you. Our pricing engine ensures that your clients get the best rates without any extra charges, as we handle all rate shopping tasks. We offer free soft appraisals through House Canary, allowing you to swiftly check CMAs and ensure fair pricing for your clients. Our average closing times are impressive, with underwriting taking 24-48 hours and Clear to Close happening in 8-12 days, depending on appraisal timing. Our loan options are extensive, covering Conventional, FHA, and Down-payment assistance programs like CHAFA, CHAC, CHENOA, as well as VA, Commercial, DSCR, ITIN, Bank Statement, Bridge Loans, and Construction loans. Additionally, we provide free Open House Flyers! Kelvin, with his background as an underwriter, ensures a smooth process from start to finish by quickly underwriting files and addressing any potential issues proactively.


Kelvin Caiati
NMLS #2062244